Potomac Yards Budget Increase

The Potomac Yards Metro Station is receiving additional funding. KGP is the concept designer for the project. See more at the link here: Washington Business Journal

Union Station Concourse Renovation Released to the Public

Washington Union Station, opened in 1907 as the largest train station in the world, is the multi-modal center of the Nation’s Capital, serving over 100,000 visitors daily and about 37 million people annually. Today, the station is operating beyond capacity, and complaints about the dim lighting and cramped conditions are not uncommon. We are pleased […]

Washington DC Metro wins the prestigious 2014 AIA 25 Year Award

Harry Weese’s iconic design for the Washington DC Metro system station prototypes has withstood the test of time, adapted to years of growth in the Nation’s Capital and remains a canon of 20th Century design. Congratulations to all the former associates of HWA and WMATA’s hard working team at the Office of Track Structures and […]