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Cape Canaveral, FL


2nd Place International Competition


Astronaut's Memorial Competition





From the flat marshland around the Astronaut's Memorial, a thin metallic plane rising eastward towards the sky interrupts the site and introduces the physical monument. The memorial itself is a monolithic linear mass aligned with and lifting from the plane of the earth. Limited only by the sky, it commemorates the dreams and convictions of the American astronauts.

The surface is continuous, interrupted only at the base, which is warped to form a shallow elliptical recess, creating a duality between the center and the linear projection, symbolizing home and exploration. The monument's surface comprises metal panels proportionally equivalent and representative of the structure. One's view of the surrounding marsh disappears upon descending into the center of the elliptical recess. A thin film of water establishes a controlled horizon within this environment. The lack of all other contexts in this space encourages introspection and reflection. Inscribed quotes are visible through the film of water. Turning around, one focuses on the surrounding marshland and elliptical reflection of the sky as an astronaut may similarly gaze back to the earth.

The entry in this international competition earned the second-place award.

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