Axumite Village


Arlington, VA


Completed 2012


Ethiopian Community Development Corporation


$10 Million

Axumite Village is a mixed-use residential project spearheaded by The Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC), a community based organization serving the needs of the local immigrant population. The Council’s three contiguous properties along South Highland Street between Columbia Pike and 12th Street will accommodate an extension of 11th Street through the northern edge of the property. The remaining parcel contains approximately 30,000 square feet of land with street frontage on both 11th Street and on South Highland Street. Working with the local community, county stakeholders, and ECDC, the project team navigated a complex process implementing the new Arlington County Form Based Code.  The project is a groundbreaking T.O.D project in the Columbia Pike area promoting pedestrian friendly mixed use urban development. The thirty-six unit development will accommodate a range of residents within multiple housing types and commercial uses at grade. The project contains over 55,000 SF of development, including a diverse mix of units (studios, 1BR, 2BR and 3 BR units) as well as common spaces.