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London, UK


Design Competition 2011


Better Bankside Business Improvement District





Pedal Park embodies, through its dual persona, the parking task and the medium for promoting sustainability to the surrounding community. Addressing the goals of BBID and the Bankside Urban Forest, Pedal Park provides a stage for these goals to incubate and unfold. As Bankside evolves as a vital urban district – attracting tourists and businesses – investment in public space and the supporting urban fabric becomes even more critical. By providing secure bike parking, an activated pedestrian environment, and, equally important, a medium for flexible seating and gathering, Pedal Park offers nearly endless possibilities for creating new and revitalized urban spaces.

From informal seating to an expanded urban amphitheater that stages public events at major destinations, the various forms of Pedal Park will not only serve the intended purpose of bike parking but will promote cycling culture. Whether by sheer visibility, staging of cycling events, or through random acts of street theatre at these newfound urban venues, Pedal Park will serve as a ubiquitous icon and vital part of Bankside's urban fabric.

In the Bankside Bike Shed project, KGP Design Studio introduces a concept for a shelter for bicycles in urban environments. The design utilizes recycled high-density polyethylene from plastic bottles and doubles as a standing place for events, promoting a sustainable lifestyle. The modular and flexible design facilitates easy delivery and adaptability to different locations, showcasing KGP's commitment to merging functionality with sustainability in urban spaces.

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