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Georgetown, Washington D.C.


Design 2023, Construction 2025


Georgetown Group / Four Seasons Residences




Full Architectural Services - Bridge Designer - Architect of Record

Located by the C&O canal in Georgetown, close to Rock Creek, stands a small pedestrian bridge developed by KGP Design Studio and commissioned by Georgetown Co, in collaboration with the National Park Service. The bridge provides a critical N-S pedestrian and bike link at the confluence of Canal and Rock Creek. Located at the historic Lock 1, and termination of the 184-mile canal, the bridge will provide a unique experience as well as perspective through the stepping sequence of Georgetown locks at the core of Georgetown's historic core. Also located within a 100-year flood zone, resilience, as well as sensitivity to its context, is a critical consideration shaping its design. A tapered girder design allowed the minimal profile necessary to accommodate potential flooding as well as maintain view sheds within this important linear urban park. Its turn-of-the-century industrial vernacular complements the adjacent pedestrian bridges, with wood plank decking and industrial steel guardrails. The bridge's approaches and granite-faced abutments are configured to minimize site disturbance and impact on the surrounding parkland site.

The design process for the bridge by KGP Design Studio involved exploring numerous alternatives to efficiently connect two points while respecting the existing natural environment, particularly avoiding interference with nearby trees. The team prioritized environmental sensitivity and utilized advanced design techniques to seamlessly integrate the bridge into the landscape.

The challenge of creating a communal gathering space without disrupting the ecosystem was addressed through careful seating arrangements and green spaces. The final design is a balanced solution that spans the gap, preserves the existing trees, and provides a welcoming gathering place harmonizing with the surroundings.

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