Chinatown Station


Honolulu, HI




A number of factors were influential in the design of Chinatown Station determined by its key location. The station site is located at the edge of Chinatown characterized by its rich cultural legacy as well as at the harbors edge, a historic maritime gateway to the islands. Being the unique station to be located directly on the harbor, Its design is an opportunity to celebrate that relationship and reinforce a meaningful connection and gesture to the Harbor. At the edge of the Chinatown District, in accordance with the Special District Guidelines, factors such as: improving pedestrian environment and compatibility with the districts architectural fabric were considered. Ultimately enhancing pedestrian access and the long term viability of retail, office and residential uses were key goals factored in the station location and design. Finally, sustainable design practices are incorporated throughout the design as not only a means of optimizing materials and resources but as a gesture stewardship to the natural Hawaiian environment.