Connecticut Avenue Bridge


Washington, DC


2016, Anticipated Completion


MTA (Maryland Transit Authority


Signifying the arrival of the Purple Line into the Chevy Chase Neighborhood, this pair of pedestrian and LRT bridges serve as a landmark for the directly adjacent Connecticut Avenue Station. A number of bridge types and alignments were studied in combination with track, station, and trail support structure. Due to geotechnical challenges, continuous aerial structures were determined cost prohibitive for the location and a MSE solution selected, thereby creating simple abutments and a singular span. The pedestrian and LRT bridges were to remain separate for purposes of ownership and maintenance.
After examination of alternatives of the same type for each span, a contrasting composition of heavy and light bridge types was selected; expressive of their distinct spans and loading. A light and open basket handle arch serves as the pedestrian crossing, spanning 170 feet. The sidewalls of the arch are sheathed in an architectural fabric, serving as a throw barrier over the roadway. Monolithic and massive in form, two steel trapezoidal box girders support the trackway. Similar to the bowstring, the bellied form of the girders is expressive of the released spans; visually displaying a maximum moment and depth at mid-span.