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Connecticut Ave - Farragut Square to Lafayette Square, Washington, DC


Design Completed 2020, Construction TBD


Golden Triangle BID




Architectural Design - Urban Design

The "Connecticut Avenue Urban Intervention" represents a visionary project from KGP design studio, seeking to breathe new life into the urban landscape by transforming off-street parking spaces into a vibrant pedestrian passage. This innovative proposal envisions a dynamic space where people can gather and engage with their surroundings. Seating islands, ripple seating arrangements, planters, street murals, and tables create a multifunctional environment, promoting community interaction and enjoyment.

Simultaneously, this project introduces a strategic reallocation of resources, retaining two free lanes and parking spaces on both sides while designating specific areas for drop-off points. This balanced approach enhances traffic flow and accessibility, reinforcing that urban spaces can serve multiple functions without sacrificing practicality or aesthetics. The "Connecticut Avenue Urban Intervention" showcases KGP Design Studio's commitment to reimagining urban spaces in a way that fosters community, promotes sustainability, and enhances the overall urban experience. It's a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design in our everyday environments.

The historical context is so important to develop a new urban condition in Downtown, Washington D.C.

Current Activities
- Made in DC
- Outdoor Market
- Children's / Adult's play
-Art Installation based on Critical Issues

Zoning Plan

Creating Pedestrian Space

Layout Alternatives

Layout Option A

Remedial Improvements
• East Side-good precedent for West Side- improve plantings
• Good precedent to follow for the north end of the street
• Planter at north end upgrade fence and planting height
• Planter fence-retain - upgrade planting height
• Repair paving at planter- and replant planter-and fence to match existing
• Upgrade pavers and planter-plantings
• Upgrade paving to standard DC pavers to match paving to the south

Expanded WEST sidewalk option

The Urban Intervention for Connecticut Avenue was conceived as an innovative approach to encourage the utilization of public spaces. The design process involved the creation of distinct elements strategically placed to engage the community. These included individual seating areas, street murals, and ripple seating, all designed to gather people and foster a sense of community.

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