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Arlington, VA


Design Completed 2018


Crystal City BID




Architecture Concept

Initiated by the Crystal City BID, this Festivity Study was the first step to bring a working group together to determine the possible alignment alternatives to create a pedestrian connection between Crystal City and DCA. This high-level study highlights the potential challenges, benefits, and next steps as this endeavor progresses.

KGP was the Bridge Architect on the VHB team responsible for developing possible alignments based on the considerable variations traversing NPS and CSX zones of ownership and use and the unique conditions on the JBG and DCA terminus sites. KGP developed alignment locations and profiles ranging from tunnel to bridge to hybrid variations in response to various contextual parameters.

What is the least impactful architectural approach for crossing the GWMP to establish a connection between Crystal City and the National Landing Airport?

The Crystal City to DCA Bridge project involved a thorough design process to connect the burgeoning development area of Crystal City to Ronald Reagan Airport, navigating challenges posed by train tracks, metro tracks, and the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

KGP Architects explored three distinct alternatives: the first involved the development of a long tunnel below ground, the second proposed a hybrid solution, crossing train tracks with a bridge and going underground through the historic cultural park, and the last alternative featured an elevated bridge. Each alternative was carefully considered, taking into account the specific constraints and objectives of the project, showcasing a comprehensive approach to urban connectivity and infrastructure development.

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