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Decker Ave, Canton, Baltimore, MD


Design 2012, Construction, 2013


Chris and Lindsey Brown




Full Architectural Service, Architect of Record

The "Decker Ave House" renovation project, crafted by KGP Design Studio, is a testament to the studio's prowess in revitalizing living spaces. In collaboration with a renowned television show, on HGTV, this project was as fun as it was transformative. KGP's comprehensive design approach envisioned a brand-new roof that expanded the second floor and introduced abundant natural light.

On the first floor, KGP Design Studio focused on a minimalist design approach, with the primary objective being continuity between the kitchen and living room as well as to the rear garden area. The latter is critical to the design and is accomplished by providing a 100% clear aperture to the garden with folding doors. To optimize the kitchen area, the "transformer" approach to the central island's design, allows it to expand of collapse to accommodate prep area or floor space depending on need. The result is a modern, inviting living space that harmonizes form and function. Meanwhile, the transformation was profound on the second floor, breathing new life into the space. The project's scope encompassed a complete overhaul, emphasizing maximizing the area's functionality and aesthetics. The "Decker Ave House" project showcases the studio's exceptional talent in creating inspired designs that rejuvenate living spaces, elevating the quality of life for its occupants.

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