Dulles Corridor Rapid Transit Project Environmental Impact Study


Washington, DC & Northern Virginia


Completed 2018


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority &
Capital Transit Consultants


3.3 Millions

The Metro extension responds to the imperative to link Dulles International Airport with downtown Washington and address the increasing transportation needs of the local communities. Not only will the 13 new stations function as state-of-the-art transportation centers, but also they will serve as a catalyst for continued growth in an area where economic vitality and quality of life are threatened by the nation’s worst traffic congestion.

KGP’s station designs integrate the strong architectural tradition of the original Metro system with a lighter, friendlier appearance. Steel panels, glazing and translucent sound barriers create openness and transparency while protecting system patrons from outside elements.

Each station area was studied for potential Transit Oriented Development as well as access to transit from bicycles, cars and buses. The integration of the stations into the existing fabric is key to creating places for people and a pedestrian environment.