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Portugal, Competition


Honorable Mention in Design Competition 2021


Portugal Competition




Design Architect

ESPIRAL is inspired by nature, especially the spiral shapes found in many seashells, fern fronds, and galaxies. A physical manifestation of the spirit that is the core of the Spirala community, an awareness of self and surroundings, the building integrates seamlessly with its surroundings. There is a natural synergy gained by mitigating its environmental impact and bringing occupants closer to nature. For example, the building deploys passive heating and cooling strategies, both harnessing solar power and integration with the hillside to maintain a comfortable interior temperature year-round. Southern-facing windows capture heat, stored by the thermal mass of the masonry walls during the day and slowly release it at night. Embedded in the hillside, temperature is moderated as well as protected from the fluctuating ambient temperature. The central gathering area is wrapped by a spiraling ramp and stepped sequence of support facilities including, galleries, break-out areas, and support facilities, optimizing the inherent spatial quality derived from the spiral form. In collaboration with its pastoral setting, the Center discretely merges with its surroundings offering a series of grassy platforms for play and observing the surrounding nature.

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