Farragut North/Farragut West Pedestrian Passageway


Washington, DC



Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority


17 Million Dollars

The Pedestrian Connection between Farragut North and Farragut West is conceived as a paid area (free passage for patrons) that will shorten the travel time going from Virginia toward NW Washington and vise versa by eliminating the need to go to Metro Center to transfer. This connection will not only save time but will free up space in Metro Center during rush hours for patrons on platforms and mezzanines. The connection is anticipated to carry approximately 37,000 patrons a day by 2030 with increases as ridership continues to grow.

The passageway is designed for ADA accessibility at both stations. New elevators are added at Farragut North from the passageway to the platform and new elevators at Farragut West from the existing mezzanine to the platform and to the street

The pedestrian connection is examined as three alternatives: 1), pedestrian tunnel, 2), pedestrian tunnel with moving walkways in both directions and 3), pedestrian tunnel with commercial space. The three tunnel options all connect with the existing stations using exactly the same configurations, only the tunnel sections change. A final selection will be made at a later date to choose the exact configuration of the tunnel.