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Architect of Records

The project's purpose is twofold: firstly, to establish a grade-separated pedestrian passage below Georgia Avenue at Forest Glen Road to enhance safety, and secondly, to offer direct access to the Forest Glen Metro Station, thereby improving ADA accessibility to the station's mezzanine.

The need for the project arises from concerns regarding pedestrian safety at the congested intersection and the necessity for enhanced access to the Metro Station. With frequent conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles, and a significant portion of pedestrians commuting to or from the Metro Station, the existing conditions highlight the urgency for improvements. Additionally, the lack of direct ADA access to the station's mezzanine compounds the accessibility issues.

The existing vehicular traffic conditions underscore the challenges, with high congestion, long signal cycles, and potential pedestrian delays leading to unsafe practices like jaywalking. The proposed project aims to alleviate these issues, ensuring safer passage for pedestrians and smoother access to the Metro Station, ultimately enhancing both safety and accessibility for all commuters.

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