Greektown Viaduct


Baltimore, MD




Maryland Transit Administration

An aerial structure, over 2500 feet long, the Greektown Viaduct serves to connect Hopkins Medical Campus to the Greektown-Highlandtown Neighborhoods through the Red Line LRT. The design focus involved the examination of the aerial structure types, inclusive of piers, guard rails, and spanning members. It was determined that the majority of the structure, passing through an industrial area, would not be highly visible to the community. In contrast, the distinct span and terminus over the I-895 corridor is visible by tens of thousands of motorists each day.

This shift in the dynamic of the view corridor presented an opportunity to delineate the entry into the city with a special span; one celebratory of Baltimore’s contextual history of suspended deck arch bridges. To maintain the continuity of the aerial structure, the arch is a continuation of the typical spanning members. The typical set of two spanning plate girders converge and bend out of the plane to expose the curved concrete deck, warping upward to create an arch, suspending the bridge deck with cable stays over a span of 150 feet.