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County of Hilo, HI


Design Completed 1995, Construction TBD


Hilo, Hawaii




Architectural Designer

As a lead design consultant, KGP Principal Donald Paine developed the design for a new 120,000 sf State of Hawaii courthouse, including courtrooms, clerical areas, public waiting areas, and below-grade parking. The site, Hilo Bay in Honolulu, is an area known equally for its warm tropical weather and its infamous Tsunami history. Considering these critical contextual and environmental factors, the primary exterior material is painted stucco, an attempt to respect its historical context. Steel brackets suspend a shallow vaulted metal roof over the complex, a form based on local vernacular.

Lower-level public facilities, circulation zones, courtrooms, and other areas took advantage of the cooling crosswinds. The six courtrooms, upper-level support areas, and below-grade holding areas met rigid standards to allow for a complex circulation network while maintaining clarity and simplicity to provide a state-of-the-art facility.

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