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Honolulu, HI


Design Completed 2015, Construction Completed 2023


Honolulu Area Rapid Transit




Architecture Design

To improve Honolulu's pedestrian experience and reduce vehicular dependency, the City will connect Honolulu with West Oahu, with an elevate transit, and integrate isolated urban neighborhoods. Mitigating the impact of the elevated stations in the twenty-two locations, ranging from dense urban to waterfront locations, will be imperative. The station enclosures will be minimally intrusive tensile structures, posing a gentle profile against the Hawaiian horizon. Recalling the traditional Hawaiian sailing vessel – "Wa'a kaukahi," the traditional form of transportation in the islands, the prototype stations will be welcoming icons.

Integrating traditional and high-performance materials will create a durable, efficient, versatile structure. The PTFE fabric membrane and wood flu-lam supports have roots in indigenous construction and weaving practices, embracing renewability where possible. As in a Hawaiian flower, each bay of the membrane will wrap into the "V" support, celebrating the channeling of rainwater and dispersed at station site bio-retention fields.

In the design of the prototypical Light Rail Train in Honolulu, Hawaii, KGP Design Studio prioritized sustainability, utilizing the site to minimize material usage for the necessary canopy. The design features parametric columns, and the innovation lies in the efficient tensile fabric structure roof, which optimizes cost and materials. KGP's approach reflects a commitment to environmental consciousness, offering an inventive and functional solution for the Light Rail Train in Honolulu.

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