Lidl US


Bethesda, MD


Completed 2017


Huron Associates- John Redmond


KGP provided a feasibility study and concept design for one of the proposed initial store locations of Lidl US. Working with Huron Associates, the Bethesda location is based on Lidl’s urban prototype, highly visible, fronting Wisconsin Avenue above an open parking level.  This generous 2-level volume containing escalators and elevators as well as a bakery and café, creates a seamless and inviting connection to the street and open parking area below.  The 42,385-sf footprint optimizes the exposure of the store on Wisconsin Avenue while orienting the service and storage area to the rear allowing for conflict free, accessible loading from the rear alley.  Unlike its American counterparts, the store’s glazing and metal panel skin is not only a critical component in Lidl’s branding but also a highly successful means of connecting to passing pedestrians and vehicles