Mandaluyong Central Business District Master Plan


Manila, Philippines


Completed 2009


Greenfield Development Corporation


Mandaluyong City Central Business District Master Plan creates a gateway and transportation crossroads located on a major peripheral route and metro line in Manila.

The district will serve as a primary focus of business development and as a bustling marketplace with retail and entertainment activities. Housing development integrated with the surrounding urban fabric makes for a vibrant active center beyond business hours, defining the area as a vital urban district.

The KGP drafted guidelines for planning and development form the keys to its success. Commercial development focuses on a large open space integrated with major pedestrian routes linking the site and surrounding context. This lush green pedestrian network will be filled with cafes and areas to mingle and shop away from other urban distractions. Landmark towers to the east and west mark gateways to the district while Shaw Boulevard forms a perimeter to the north of the commercial towers.