Met Branch Bicycle Trail


Washington, DC




This segment of Metropolitan Branch Trail is just north of Union Station is in located in the heart of the NOMA district, a transitioning to dense mixed-use urban community. The dramatic transition in elevation in the L/M Street segment offers the opportunity to interject a green space and train-watching opportunity for residents, workers and trail users in the otherwise dense urban fabric. A 20’ elevation change will be integrated in the topography and gentle rise of the trail. Weathered steel retaining walls, recalling the early industrial era context, will sculpt the bio-retention landscape, allowing landscaped terraces of grasses and shade trees. Benches will be tucked and integrated with the weirs along the trail. At the south end of the trail, the folding topography will culminate in a series of landscaped steps for users to people watch and rest overlooking a small plaza adjacent to L Street.