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Metro Rail Transit, Metro Manila, PH


Design Completed 2000, Construction Completed 2002


Greenfield Development Corporation




Architecture Designer

The "Metro Rail Transit - Shaw Station Commercial Development" in Mandaluyong, Philippines, is complex project that integrates a substantial commercial area with the functions of the Metro Rail Shaw Station. Each of the MRT Stations is owned by private developers who put up money to build the system. In this case, Greenfield Development hired KGP to create the commercial space that raps the transit station, which everyone must pass through to get to the trains.

KGP first designed Shaw Station on an elevated transit line as one of the 13 stations in the system. The station sits over a 6-lane underpass with 2 lanes of service at grade on each side. Shaw Boulevard is located on a bridge at a 3rd level passing over the middle of the station at 90 degrees. The Shaw area was an existing dense business district with almost no open space, yet 1,000's pedestrians heading to this transit hub. This building serves as a gateway to the Mandaluyong Central Business District, also planned by KGP

This transformative endeavor tackles combining commuter transit and commercial enterprise and redefines the urban landscape. In this bustling metropolitan environment, the project symbolizes innovative design and urban development, creating a vibrant and interconnected space that enhances the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

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