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New York City, NY


Design Completed 2018, Construction Completed 2019






Architectural Designer - Architect of Record

Penn Station is one of New York's primary gateway hubs for commuter rail and Amtrak. KGP was the lead Architect for the recent Penn Station renovation, working with Arup Engineers of New York. The project included a comprehensive upgrade of both the central waiting area, 'the fishbowl" and Club Acela. Central to operations and the passenger experience, Amtrak placed a high priority on the design ensuring these areas accommodate passenger needs including information/service facilities, information displays, Wi-Fi terminals, and seating configurations. To accommodate varying degrees of passenger capacity, flexible secure zones can be implemented with glass barriers as needed with several access and security stations. Isolated from the terminal proper, a new concessions area was expanded within the central waiting area also accessible from the concourse circulation. With minimal modulation of the ceiling height, the active and passive circulation zones are reinforced with a ceiling system and integrated lighting, replacing the original suspended fixtures.

Similarly, Club Acela adjacent to the main waiting area, is targeting the business passenger, with a range of services and facilities oriented to the single business traveler or groups. Facilities such as a fully equipped meeting room, phone pods, fully stocked café, and glass partitioned video area provide an exclusive experience tailored to the Acela brand. Through these strategic changes, in both areas, the Penn Station renovation prioritized enhancing passenger experience and operational efficiency within one of New York's crucial transportation hubs. Due to timing and the completion of the adjacent Moynihan Station, the Club Acela upgrade was not implemented.

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