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Montgomery & Prince George's Counties, MD


Design Completed 2012, Construction Ongoing


Maryland Transportation Authority MTA




Architecture - Urban Design

The Purple Line is a critical light-rail link for the region, integrating the existing radial Metro system with the first circumferential transit, connecting Metrorail and Bus at Bethesda, Silver Spring, College Park, and New Carrollton and all communities between.

As Concept Designer for all the 21 stations, KGP created underground, at-grade, aerial stations, bridges, bicycle trails, and a unique station planned into the new Silver Spring Library. The train passes through a new public plaza envisioned by KGP under the new library building creating a significant downtown station. The 2nd Station at Silver Spring is the connection to Metro, Marc, and bus at the Silver Spring Transit Center. This station is approximately 80' above the Metro station entrance and is the most complicated in the system.

The underground station at Bethesda is connected down 100 feet to the Metro with four high-speed elevators. The PL Station is just below the surface, allowing patrons to enter from a new public plaza by stairs and elevators. Another underground station at Manchester Place allows the tracks to stay level going under a large hill with a station just inside the tunnel. A second entrance leads up to housing on top of the hill. Other elevated stations include Chevy Chase and Riverdale Park.

The University of Maryland presented a unique situation where the most logical alignment went through the center of campus-on-Campus Drive, removing vehicles, except for emergency and delivery. To convince the faculty multiple alignments and station options were studied. An additional series of studies was completed to show that the train movement could be safe, even with hundreds of pedestrians walking through campus.

Other structures for the project include bridges such as the Rock Creek Bridge, which falls under the National Capitol Planning Commission, and the Connecticut Avenue Bridge. The old Metropolitan Branch Rail line had crossed through the Chevy Chase Country Club and that is also where the PL passes. Many studies took place to illustrate how this could be made comfortable for the golf community.

During the PE phase, KGP was the Design Architect for ten stations, including Silver Spring Intermodal Station and several other structures like the Rock Creek train and trail bridge.

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