Completed 2010


Battery Park: Draw-Up-a-Chair Competition


The inherent patterns surrounding us in nature and our man-made surrounding are reflected in our activities and our daily interactions. Battery Park offers a break in the routine shared by urban dwellers and offers a chance to immerse oneself in a natural context. The orthogonal grid gives way to the fluid forms of the natural landscape. Perhaps ultimately we crave the change to alter not only our surrounding but our interior “landscape” and outlook.

Sinusoid’s form encourages an alternate pattern for assembling seating. The sine wave establishes an underlying dynamic means of integrating individual units. Paired units are bound by wrapped ribbons gently unfolding to provide seating while wrapping up to create an enclosing perforated screen. This folding and unfolding is repeated throughout the landscape, creating a fluid pattern of seating and social assemblages and opportunities.

The individual unit is designed to accommodate a range of positions from upright to inclined seating (at the fold in the wave) where the seat can double as a foot rest. The short arm of the wave serves as a working or eating surface. This same arm extends as the linking appendage to the paired seating unit. The opposing waves offer the opportunity for the two users to socialize while screened by the opposite arms wrapping up and framing the double wave.

The ribbons are fabricated from painted 1/4″ rolled steel panels. The integrated ribbon forms are inherently efficient in their structural properties. Perforations in the screen panels provide wind protection as well as a sense of privacy for users. A recessed caster allows movement of individual units across the lawn. The form accommodates stacking of the units in a vertical position for storage.