SMILE Ecohotel Facility


Cabilan, Manila


Currently in Design/Construction



This 120 kw, 750 sm., solar/hybrid power prototype facility will provide sustainable electrification with ecotourism and livelihood components to be located on four remote island communities in Siargao and Dinagat provinces, Philippines.

Currently, these islands experience a maximum of four hours a day powered by fossil fuels, thus constraining their potential to develop and prosper. In addition to the EU grant, the SMILE Platform uniquely leverages private investment through the AIEC-MGEC’s joint venture partner, Island Light and Water (ILAW). Aside from a lack of electricity, all four islands under the SMILE Platform have a poverty index above 60%. However, the blossoming tourist destination of Siargao in Surigao Del Norte, famous for the surfing destination known as Cloud 9, opens them up to business opportunities. Coupling tourism efforts with renewable electrification will allow these communities to take advantage of these opportunities, creating new livelihoods while assisting the islands in becoming more resilient to climate shocks.