New York, NY


Completed 2010


Battery Park: Draw-Up-a-Chair Competition


Inspired by the suspension and stayed bridges of the Hudson and East River, the Stay Chaise takes the oval form of the Battery Green while giving metaphor to the once abundant East River oyster. Utilizing a frame of recycled brushed polycarbonate and elastic tension cables, this chaise is as durable as it is lightweight, allowing for easy movement across the green. Essentially a hammock cum rocker, the varied form can be utilized as a meditative perch, bench, traditional seat, and reclined chaise. This multiplicity of seating allows the chaise to be accessible to a variety of users in both size and ability. The one inch thick frame with a continuous quarter inch fillet both evenly distributes weight into uneven or soggy terrain and creates a soft seat edge. The cable threaded rim of the chair can be unfastened from the base frames allowing for stacking and storage. The polycarbonate frames would be cast in a reusable mold, preliminary prototyping could be accomplished with full size weight bearing 3D printed ABS plastic.