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Union Station, Washington, DC


Design Completed 2007, Construction Completed 2009


District Department of Transportation DDOT




Designer, Architect of Record

At the cusp of a livable cities movement, the Union Station Bicycle Transit Center is an obvious catalyst that promotes bicycle use and alternative transportation options by providing secure parking, rental, and retail service. At the doorstep of Washington's central transportation hub, Union Station, its sleek form reflects the technology of its contents while complementing its eminent Beaux Arts neighbors. Arched steel tubes with an energy-efficient "skin" optimize transparency in this sensitive historical context by echoing a bicycle wheel's elegance and efficiency.

Sited between two turn-of-the-century landmarks by Daniel Burnham, Union Station, and the National Capitol Post Office, the facility is available daily to thousands of tourists, commuters, and neighbors. Union Station, circa 1907, exemplifies a heroic strain of the American Beaux-Arts tradition that emerged after the 1893 Columbian Exposition. Grand iconic vaulted ceilings recalling Roman triumphal arches and baths suggest Union Station represents an "imperial transportation palace" as conceived by its renowned architect, Daniel H. Burnham. The apparent location adjacent to the west portico creates a fitting backdrop for the Bicycle Transit Center. Sustainable goals shape and evolve our attitudes toward transportation.

In the design of the bike station project, KGP Design Studio innovatively crafted a shape intended to attract individuals towards using bicycles as a primary mode of city transportation. The complexity of the design focused on achieving an efficient structure capable of accommodating numerous bicycles while addressing key details to minimize corrosion and maintenance needs. The emphasis on both functionality and aesthetics showcases KGP's dedication to encouraging sustainable urban mobility through thoughtful and effective design solutions.

In shaping the bike station project, KGP Design Studio considered sun and wind studies to refine the design, ensuring a form that not only attracts users but also optimizes environmental factors. This thoughtful approach, informed by sun and wind studies, adds an extra layer of functionality to the station's design, enhancing its overall efficiency and sustainability.

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