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Union Station, Washington, DC


Design 2015, On Going






Station Architect

Washington Union Station opened in 1907 as the largest train station in the world and remains the multi-modal center of the nation's capital today. The station continues to be a heavily utilized hub. Due to neglectful maintenance and the extraordinary demands exerted by its growing number of passengers, our integrity and user experience at Union Station have been jeopardized. The Concourse Design phase represents the critical initial phase of the 2015 Washington Union Station Master Development Plan created by Amtrak and partners, providing immediate improvements for passengers and addressing existing deficiencies.

As the prime consultant, KGP leads an interdisciplinary team that includes Grimshaw and Arup. The design consists of a host of improvements to the concourse including immediate expanded passenger space and amenities. Longer-term improvements including new entrances, loading dock, yard, and bus garage access, and new connections to the lower platforms were studied to prepare for future phases.

The Union Station Concourse Revitalization project set out to reimagine its interior design, aspiring to create a new and innovative space. A key focus was on utilizing white and bright ceilings to visually expand the area, fostering a sense of openness. The intentional shaping of these elements introduced a dynamic quality and movement within the space. Beyond aesthetics, the redesigned layout aimed to provide a more coherent and efficient use of the station, aligning with the demands of contemporary mass transportation. The result is a revitalized Union Station that not only prioritizes functionality but also introduces a visually engaging and forward-thinking interior, adapting to the needs of the modern era.

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