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Union Station, First Street, Washington, DC


Design Completed 2014, Construction 2025


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority WMATA




Architectural Designer - Architect of Record

At Union Station, WMATA asked KGP to study possible improvements to intermodal connections between Metro and Union Station, including trains, buses, parking, and the new DC Streetcar line. KGP further developed an unfinished pedestrian tunnel for future connections to the H Street tunnel and the H Street bridge and studied the impact of Union Station's new master plan. Metro aims to proceed to create immediate relief for passenger crowding in the North Mezzanine.

The design included a new 1st Street Entrance cut through the Burnham Wall. New stairs and a ramp will extend to 1st Street, significantly increasing the existing capacity and minimizing pedestrian conflicts within the mezzanine. A 116' long glass and steel canopy will cover the stairs and ramp, protecting patrons from the elements. By placing the ramp on the station's exterior, additional space is created in the mezzanine, providing the necessary area for three more fare gates. A new stair will be constructed from the mezzanine to the concourse, leading to Amtrak/MARC lines, the garage, and the Intercity Bus Terminal. A 2nd phase will follow with new elevators to the platform.

The Union Station First Entrance project focused on designing a canopy to cover the ramp and stair access, striking a balance between shelter and permitting sunlight access. The implementation of overhead glazing units, arranged in a stall plate grid, not only fulfilled functional requirements but also contributed to a visually appealing design. This approach showcased a thoughtful integration of form and function, creating a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing first entrance at Union Station while maximizing natural light.

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