White Flint Station Access Plan


White Flint, MD


Design Completed 2015​


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

White Flint Station is at the center of new development along Rockville Pike, and the community decided this focal point needs to be upgraded to reflect the community’s goals and aesthetics. A North Entrance is planned to serve the area across Old Georgetown Road and upgrades will be made to the existing South Entrance. With the reconfiguration of Rockville Pike into a pedestrian-oriented boulevard, the station improvements will enhance the east side of the roadway and provide a point of relief from the high-rise buildings. Due to the station’s visibility from the surrounding towers, a green roof is used to give the setting a more park-like feeling.

With the trains in almost continuous operation, the new mezzanine and platform canopy are designed to span over the existing platform and tracks similar to Huntington Station. This will prevent significant work on the existing platform and allow continuous use of the station during construction. Foundations for the roof and mezzanine will be placed outside the operating train-way without disrupting service. Precast beams will be set in place over the tracks during the four hours a day when the trains are not operating.

The platform canopy will have a skylight similar to the existing condition. The roof will gradually slope up and over the mezzanine to create a large overhang. The platform will retain its pylons and benches, but the lighting will be replaced with up lights on the ceiling. In the mezzanine area a large circular skylight will be located over the kiosk and gate area. The enclosure of the mezzanine will be a glass curtain wall system, similar to New York Avenue Station, that floats below the ceiling and allows ample airflow. The entrance overhang will cover both the entry and a bicycle storage area. The bike area will be secured and can be accessed by a code or keycard. A new newspaper kiosk is located in the new north plaza area where benches, trees, and landscape will provide a forecourt.