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Washington Metro System, Washington, DC


Design Completed 2012, Construction TBD


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority WMATA




Architectural Designer

Metro initiated the Core Capacity Study in 2002 to analyze the effect on the core stations and rail network to meet the Board's ridership and system expansion goals. This study found that daily Metrorail ridership could reach 1.4 million by 2025 and that peak-hour transfers in the morning could more than double in that same period. By moving to an eight-car train configuration, WMATA will be able to increase capacity significantly. However, the new configuration necessitates station modifications to ease congestion on the platforms, escalators, and egresses to enable the increased number of passengers to move through the system. KGP created concept designs in 2003 and produced 3D models for station modifications based not only on the longer trains but also on other studies addressing constraints to station access. The twelve Core Station modifications were all drawn and quantified, demonstrating added capacity, costs, and improved access.

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