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Springfield, Franconia, VA


Design Completed 2012, Construction Completed 2014


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority WMATA




Architectural Designer - Design-Build Package

The Police Training Facility, comprised of a four-level training center and single-level Practice Range, fronts an active pedestrian spine and densely wooded wetland. Adjacent to the Springfield Franconia Metro Station and other residential developments, the facility (to be LEED certified) must minimize its impact on its natural setting. The east-west-oriented Training Center buffers the parking from the wetland and residential area. A perimeter swale and bio-retention zone create a natural focus, flanking the pedestrian link between the buildings. Low-e glazing, shading devices, and a continuous light shelf on the clerestories achieve solar control and daylighting.

The four-story office building contains full facilities to operate a police sub-station. Offices, crime scene work areas, evidence storage, crime gear storage, training rooms, and role call space occupy most of the building. A break room, lockers, and shower rooms are also provided. A weapon safe room is isolated to keep firearms safe and secure.

The Practice Range is a 20,000 SF building with 24 lanes and space to drive a police car into the range. The building contains offices, training rooms, an indoor and outdoor break area plus showers and locker rooms. Ammunition storage, an armory shop and vault room are provided to keep weapons secure.

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