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Washington, D.C.


Design & Construction Completed 2010


American Foreign Policy Council




Full Services - Architect of Record

Located in Capitol Hill's Historic Stanton Park District, this former Hardware Store had been converted into offices during the 1960s. AFPC bought the property in 2009 and hired KGP to extend the building to the rear property line, adding 3 new floors and a lower level. The new section is separated from the historic building by an atrium which allows light into new office spaces and the lower level which contains a library and a conference room. Two parking spaces were created in a garage at ground level over the conference room which is lit with a glass block ceiling crossed over by cars to get into the garage. A new third-floor addition was added to the historic front building with more office space while creating a roof terrace overlooking Stanton Park. The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) required this third floor to be set back from the front façade to prevent it from being seen from the park. The front façade of the building was restored to its original bay windows and doors which allow one door to become a required emergency exit from the new upper levels.

To help get all the approvals, KGP met with neighborhood groups, SHPO, and the building department about code issues.

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