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Baltimore, MD


Design Completed 2015


Maryland Transit Administration




Urban Design Lead

The Red Line is a proposed 14-mile east-west light-rail transit line connecting the areas of Woodlawn, Edmondson Village, West Baltimore, downtown Baltimore, Inner Harbor East, Fells Point, Canton, and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Campus. As part of the Red Line FEIS/PE team, KGP served as the urban design lead for the planning. Additionally, KGP helped shape and serve as the facilitator for the Red Line's Station Area Advisory Committee (SAAC) process.

As urban design lead, KGP acted as a resource for the public and the professional project team to reach a vision that capitalized on introducing the new transit line to enhance community fabric. KGP's tasks involved reviewing all stations on the alignment for station access and integration into the surrounding communities while also providing targeted recommendations to improve these connections as needed. This work encompassed the station areas and the corridors between the stations that act as the connective tissue between the transit and the neighborhoods. KGP studied and designed the two significant street-running portions of the alignment and proposed streetscape enhancements for these crucial corridors.

KGP's work also included preparing station area urban design and TOD concepts for stations where either community input or developer interest had indicated a particular desire for redevelopment. Products from these tasks included drawings and rendering packages of ideas for the station area design, streetscape improvements, and potential transit-oriented development.

Boston Street

Canton and Canton Crossing along Boston Street was an area where the residents were particularly involved in the Red Line Project. KGP Led the SAAC meetings in this area while working with many neighborhood committees. Through discussions and relevant precedents, the community came to be big backers of the project and pleased with the possibilities they saw developing. Listening and discussing their needs was key to keeping their engagement and having them involved in the decision process.

Greektown / Highlandtown

In the Baltimore Red Line Project, KGP Design Studio led an urban design initiative that involved a comprehensive study of street types and surrounding areas near the Stations. One study area was the land surrounding the Greektown / Highlandtown Station. These areas are separated by a series of railroad tracks leaving big swaths of land isolated between tracks. The new transit station will bring many pedestrians to the area, so KGP made an effort to re-connect the parcels with new pedestrian paths. One strong connection was created by building down into the underpass along Eastern Avenue. A widened pedestrian sidewalk with retail store fronts and several large scaled stairs connect up to a development area between the tracks. The building have one face on the upper level and another on the lower level along Eastern Ave linking people and activities . The entire area is infilled with new retail, commercial and residential.

The project encompassed a rethinking of street sections and the categorization of uses for different areas. The proposal addressed urban planning at a broad scale, defining uses for each area and extending its influence on the design of the Stations themselves. KGP's approach to the Baltimore Red Line Project reflects a cohesive and strategic urban design strategy that seamlessly integrates considerations at both macro and micro levels.

Edmonson Corridor Plan

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