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Baltimore, MD


Design Completed 2015


Maryland Transit Administration




Planning, Urban Design, Bridge Design

The Bayview MARC Station will serve as part of a regional transit center, including the Red Line, Transit Oriented Development, and Commuter and Core MTA Bus operations. The Bayview MARC Station had three significant elements. Construction of the platform, station mezzanine, platform canopy, and pedestrian bridge for the MARC Station; the installation of track infrastructure work to incorporate the MARC station; and enhancement of Norfolk Southern Railroad (NS) operations. At the same time, to maintain an uninterrupted movement on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.

KGP provided design work for the proposed MARC station amenities and improved pedestrian access, including the design of the station mezzanine, vertical circulation elements, mezzanine enclosure, platform canopy, and pedestrian bridge enclosure. KGP also proposed a high-level, ADA-accessible platform for the new Bayview MARC Station to maximize passenger safety, visibility, and comfort and to consider passenger amenities, overall station aesthetics, and potential emergency scenarios. A pedestrian bridge would safely convey passengers across several existing tracks and an elevation drop to the proposed platform location from the plaza adjacent to the city's parking facility and the proposed Red Line station to the MARC platform.

The Bayview MARC Station project was part of a regional transit center with future growth potential as mixed land-use development within the framework of a TOD. KGP was also involved with the additional projects under development for the Bayview site, which were considered separate projects that functioned as a seamless facility with the proposed Bayview MARC Station. Notably, the firm provided architecture, urban design, and public process facilitation for the Baltimore Red Line—a proposed 14-mile east-west transit line running from suburban Baltimore County through Baltimore City, for which the Bayview MARC Station would serve as a terminus.

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