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Architecture Lead – Architect of Record

With increased pedestrian activity in the Crystal City area due to Amazon, easy access to downtown Washington, and new potential access to the National Airport, Amtrak has decided this is an ideal area for a new Amtrak Station, especially since the train already passes through the site.

The high platform station is combined with a VRE station which shares vertical circulation and utilities. The station will have escalators, stairs, and elevators to help keep people moving on and off the platform. The station will be accessed from Crystal Drive just down the street from a Metro Station by escalators up and over the tracks to a center platform. The immediate area is surrounded by retail, office buildings, and residential towers. This location has become a multi-modal connection to downtown with new bike lanes and a future ped/bike bridge over the river.

A major part of this connection is the multi-modal bridge to the airport which has to be approved by National Parks Service. This bridge will pass over (but maybe under) the George Washington Parkway along the river. This connection will help reduce auto traffic to the airport which backs out onto the parkway on holiday weekends. With this in mind, the station will help make the entire area more sustainable.

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