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Arlington, VA


Design Build Process 2024, Construction Completion 2026


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)




Architecture Lead – Architect of Record

As National Landing / Crystal City, develops in the coming years, in response to Amazon's new and evolving HQ2 campus, transit access and walkability are critical. The new East Entry to WMATA's Crystal City Metro Station is a key component of the transit options offered and still expanding. This station will be a welcome gateway to the district for transit riders, and a central hub linking WMATA's Blue and Yellow Lines to DCA Airport, WMATA Metroway BRT, VRE rail, and eventually to Amtrak. The freestanding iconic structure will activate the adjacent landscaped courtyard, surrounded by cafes as well as commercial uses transforming the surrounding blocks into a vibrant hub of activity. The highly visible sculpted roof, wrapped in light grey phenolic cladding, will establish a focal point on Crystal City Drive facilitating access from and to the surrounding transportation modalities, as well as to the highly pedestrianized Crystal City Drive The warm tone wood textured phenolic panels floating over the transparent glazed entry enclosure, at night will glow as a welcome beacon on the Avenue. By day, the central design concept revolves around maximizing sunlight and creating an open, welcoming atmosphere that seamlessly connects with the adjacent plaza space. This modern and inviting entrance is a shining example of how thoughtful design can transform a public space into a vibrant and attractive hub for commuters and visitors alike.

The station affirms WMATA's adherence to providing a user-friendly and secure experience for its riders maintaining high visibility, an open line of sight, and an easily navigable entering/exiting sequence, as always, a primary focus of KGPs' design team. KGP's and the design team's meticulous attention to the structural, systems, operational requirements, and impact on the existing metro station was a kept focus for the team. Equally, ensuring continuous safety and functionality of operations with minimal impact during implementation, adjacent to the active station, requires a seamless collaborative process inclusive of all team disciplines as with the client and stakeholders. While the introduction of transit modality itself has by far the primary impact on sustainability, the development and execution of sustainable design priorities take center stage, minimizing embodied energy with material specification, and reducing systems energy consumption required for the building's operation. This conscientious effort contributes to a more sustainable future and underscores the studio's dedication to creating architecture that positively impacts the community and the planet.

In enhancing Crystal City's charm, our design for the Metro station at Crystal Drive seeks to create a welcoming experience for riders.

The station's roof, shaped like a Folded Wedge, not only offers shelter for pedestrians but also adds a distinctive touch to the urban landscape. We aspire to contribute to the local community by transforming the station into a dynamic space, connecting people with dining and leisure options on the active plaza.

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