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Arlington, VA


Design Build Process 2024, Construction Completion 2026


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)




Architecture Lead – Architect of Record

As National Landing / Crystal City develops in response to Amazon's HQ2 campus, transit access becomes crucial. The new East Entry to WMATA's Crystal City Metro Station expands transit options, linking WMATA's Blue and Yellow Lines to DCA Airport, WMATA Metro way BRT, VRE rail, and eventually to Amtrak. The station aims to activate the surrounding area, but its design features, like the visible sculpted roof and warm-tone phenolic panels, are primarily functional, providing clear access to transportation modes.

The station prioritizes user experience and safety, with a focus on high visibility and easy navigation. Attention to structural and operational requirements ensures minimal disruption to the existing metro station. Sustainable design principles are considered, but the primary focus remains on functionality and safety, aligning with WMATA's commitment to providing efficient transit services.

In enhancing Crystal City's charm, our design for the Metro station at Crystal Drive seeks to create a welcoming experience for riders.

The station's roof, shaped like a Folded Wedge, not only offers shelter for pedestrians but also adds a distinctive touch to the urban landscape. We aspire to contribute to the local community by transforming the station into a dynamic space, connecting people with dining and leisure options on the active plaza.

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