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Farragut Square, Washington, DC


Design Completed 2018, Construction TBD


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)




Architectural Designer

The Farragut North Station Renovation, with KGP design studio as lead architect, was developed in coordination with the Golden Triangle Bid and WMATA with the commitment to enhance access to this central location in the Golden Triangle experience. At its core, the project optimizes user experience by extending sightlines and visibility to the entry interior. Unobstructed glazing replaces existing parapets and security grills, providing an added sense of security. When open, safety is invisible, retracting into the architectural cladding and further reinforcing a connection to the street. Down-lighting at the interior and exterior projects a secure and welcoming transition, seamlessly integrating the station with the sidewalk. The digital graphic display wall animates the streetscape to passersby and provides a visual narrative of featured activities and highlights in the Triangle. It animates a rider's pathway to the metro level. Through this bold design, the station's visibility and access will foster a sense of connectivity that resonates with commuters and passersby alike.

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