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Hillsboro, Metro Manila, PH


Design Completed 2010, Construction TBD


Greenfield Development Corporation




Master Plan and Architecture Designer

Hillsborough Master Planning project focused on a pragmatic and sustainable new community design. The core elements involve thoughtful consideration of the road network, open spaces, and general massing, prioritizing shared parking facilities to enhance open spaces and reduce the road network for a pedestrian-friendly setting. The utilization of existing public roads for access minimizes the need for additional on-site road construction and internal traffic disturbances.

Addressing critical issues, the master plan recognizes the impact of housing types on open space, vehicular, and pedestrian circulation. Solutions include practical considerations like attached units to eliminate inefficient yards, grouping parking areas to minimize roadways, and clustering units to suggest larger estate structures. Security concerns are balanced by minimizing housing units along high-traffic streets while ensuring secure yet accessible entry points.

Drawing inspiration from diverse architectural models such as the European Village, New Urbanism Model, and Shanghai French District, the design incorporates functional aspects like pedestrian networks, entry gardens, green spaces, and scaled blocks. Architectural elements rooted in traditional urban principles allow for development density and strategic use of upper levels for private spaces, promoting a community that values sustainability, functionality, and a balanced aesthetic. The Hillsborough Master Planning project aspires to create a practical, connected community that embraces sustainability and functionality.

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