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Dinagat Sound, PH


Design Completed 2021, Construction On Going


European Union/Power Source, Philippines




Architecture Designer - Architect of Record

The Kuryentehan: An Island Retreat and Resiliency Center project in the Philippines embraces the tropical natural landscape, featuring modular and adaptable units with independent roofs equipped with solar panels, water harvesting and treatment, and other sustainability strategies, minimizing impact on the island environment. The prototype design allows for significant variability of site conditions and facility programming, currently planned for four island locations in Dinagat Sound: Anajawan, Cabilan, Halian, and Kanihaan, all locations will be net positive while providing power for the island's current residents. Supported by an EU grant and a joint venture with Island Light and Water, the project aims to break the four-hour daily constraint of fossil fuel-powered electricity on the islands, mainly benefiting the tourist destination of Siargao in Surigao Del Norte.

In addition to the EU grant, the Retreat and Resiliency Center Platform leverages private investment through a joint venture with Island Light and Water, aiming to tackle poverty indexes exceeding 60% on the targeted islands. Focusing on Siargao's potential as a bustling tourist destination, the project not only promotes renewable electrification but also seeks to intertwine tourism efforts, creating new livelihood opportunities. This dual approach aims to make the islands more resilient to climate shocks while fostering sustainable economic development in alignment with the picturesque natural surroundings of the region.

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