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L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, DC


Design Completed 2023, Construction TBD


Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority WMATA




Architectural Designer

KGP Design Studio took on a transformative metro project to enhance the accessibility and connections at L'Enfant Plaza Station with the street and improved internal circulation. The team crafted multiple proposals, working closely with WMATA to evaluate and coordinate the best possible solutions. Each alternative carefully balanced various factors, including safety, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity. This comprehensive approach ensured that the chosen option optimally improved the station's connectivity while addressing each proposal's unique benefits and challenges.

Two at-grade entrances were eventually selected, each with a possible future connection to the VRE elevated station next to the site. Each contained two new stations to street elevators plus new emergency egress from the station. Inside the station, new elevators were proposed to connect between the platforms on this complicated transfer station. Parts of the design were taken to 30% design-build level for future construction.

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