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Manassas Park, Manassas, VA


Design Completed 2015, Construction 2024


Virginia Department of Transportation VDOT




Architect of record for the station, bridge and tower

VRE is responding to the increased patronage of Manassas Park by providing a 500-car structured parking facility and pedestrian bridge giving access to the station. The facility will be the initial urban component in this expanding mixed-use zone. KGP was the Project Architect, leading the station expansion including, an elevator/stair tower, platform canopies, pedestrian bridge and garage cladding system. The station design expands on VRE's design vernacular, identifiable to riders accommodating functionality and the efficient flow of riders. The garage enclosure and precast cladding system melds with its mixed use and residentially scaled context. An adjacent pedestrian plaza tree-lined will serve as a public space linking the garage to its future mixed-use neighbors. Immediately north of the facility, a biorientation area will offset the added impervious area introduced by the garage.

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