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Every urban area across the U.S. has determined that bicycles are an essential part of the solution to help wean the county off its car dependency and expand our cities' pedestrian culture. Five hundred million dollars are lost annually to bicycle theft, but the real impact is discouraging potential riders due to the absence of secure parking in urban areas.

Meshroom turns the concept of bike security on its head (pun intended) and offers a practical, economical means of securing bikes in various conditions. With the structural efficiency and flexibility of a tent and the openness and resilience of a metal mesh fabric, the Meshroom is a simple solution to a complex range of issues. The elliptical plan allows for a radial loading arrangement using a compact central loading area rather than the typical linear layout. The resulting footprint allows fluid pedestrian movement at the exterior and easily integrates into plaza or sidewalk settings.

The structurally efficient tensile mesh fabric supported by a compression ring replaces a complex rigid frame and a typical panelized enclosure system. The resilient cable mesh system (engineered for containing rock slides) is quickly and easily deployed in public spaces with little to no site preparation and can withstand the most extreme security threats. The 95% transparent galvanized mesh side panels allow natural ventilation, and the upper panels of layered mesh and PTFE membrane for weather resistance will ensure visibility and comfort to users. At night, the Meshroom's up-lit PFE membrane will be an inviting and iconic urban landmark and a reminder to travel by bike.

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