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Washington D.C.



Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)




Architect of Record

The project aimed to expand this Metro station entrance quickly to accommodate the crowds expected for the new National's Baseball Stadium, which had to be complete for opening day. KGP led the design efforts and oversaw the project team, addressing construction challenges along the way.

To meet the tight deadline, KGP proposed building a new mezzanine outside the station box, either below grade or on grade. The existing mezzanine was too small to expand the fare gates to the required numbers and didn’t allow enough space for circulation. Constructing a larger mezzanine on the surface proved to be the most cost-effective solution that saved time, Under KPG's guidance, drawings were created, and Clark Construction executed the design with KGP's assistance in construction management. Clark was also building an office building on the site and the mezzanine was constructed as part of its ground level.

This innovative approach not only provided ample queuing space but also catalyzed the revitalization of the Southeast neighborhood, fostering new businesses and residences, as noted by John Thomas, who praised KGP's innovative thinking that made the project's success possible.

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