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Newark, NJ


Design Completed 2010, Construction TBD


Gene Edgecombe




Architecture Designer

This mixed-use development creates an upbeat new urban walking and shopping zone in Newark’s urban core. Focused on 20,000 square feet of retail uses on Burnet Street, its proximity links the district to the adjacent New Jersey Transit Line. Intimate inner block courtyards wrapped by a variety of residential types enrich the environment while heightening the sense of community among the residents. Shared recreational uses such as game courts, jogging paths, spas, and club facilities activate the network of courtyards. In addition to retaining a number of turn-of-the-century townhouses, the project will reflect its rich architectural context. Terracotta tiles and the generous use of industrial metal glazing strike a balance between tradition and a contemporary lifestyle for its residents. Condominium buildings of up to nine levels fronting Orange Street and three-level townhouses on Burnet Street will contain five hundred housing units. One level of parking lying beneath the entire site will serve the project.

The "Newark Commercial Development" project, conceptualized and designed by KGP, is a testament to the studio's ability to envision and transform urban spaces into thriving hubs of commerce and community engagement. This expansive development in New Jersey introduces an innovative concept that redefines the cityscape.

At its core, the project design emphasizes a dynamic and vibrant first floor dedicated to commercial spaces. Above this, three additional floors house modern offices. A central plaza takes center stage, serving as the beating heart of the development. This beautifully designed plaza features strategically placed planters and comfortable seating areas, fostering a welcoming environment where restaurants can utilize the space for patrons to enjoy. Surrounding the plaza, galleries add a touch of culture and artistry, further enhancing the sense of community. Alongside, storefronts invite pedestrians to explore the diverse range of commercial offerings.

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