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Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, VA


Environmental Impact Study Complete 2004
Construction Complete 2023


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)




Design Architect - EIS

The Metro extension responded to the imperative to link Dulles International Airport with downtown Washington and address the increasing transportation needs of the local communities. The 13 new stations function as state-of-the-art transportation centers and catalyze continued growth in an area where the nation's worst traffic congestion threatens economic vitality and quality of life. Station designs integrate the solid architectural tradition of the original Metro system with a lighter, friendlier appearance. Steel panels, glazing, and translucent sound barriers create openness and transparency while protecting system patrons from outside elements. KGP studied all the station's alternative locations for a variety of station types. Each station platform, mezzanine, and all functional service spaces where laid out establishing a basic footprint and cost for the overall system. Presentations were made to local stakeholders and the public.

KGP also studied each station area for potential transit-oriented development and access to transit from bicycles, cars, and buses. Integrating the stations into the existing fabric was critical to creating places for people and a pedestrian environment. TOD projects were drawn and suggested building types to help establish value for the surrounding land while encouraging development.

The Dulles Airport Corridor - Silver Line project prioritized simplicity, beauty, and material consciousness in the design of bridges and platforms. The emphasis on creating elegant yet straightforward structures led to the incorporation of cylindrical shapes, reflecting the findings of structural studies aimed at determining the most effective form. This approach not only resulted in aesthetically pleasing elements but also underscored a commitment to efficient material use in the construction of bridges along the Silver Line in the Dulles Airport Corridor.

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