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WMATA Metro Stations in Washington D.C.


Design Completed in 2015







KGP was invited to participate in a private design competition by WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) to provide alternative entrance canopy designs at five Metro Rail Stations in architecturally sensitive locations in Washington, DC. These locations include the Arlington Cemetery, Smithsonian, Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter, Judiciary Square, and the U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro Stations. All five of these locations are located on land managed by the National Park Service, and carry great historical significance and architectural sensitivity. NPS wanted to see alternatives to the prototypical Metrorail canopies on these locations to create entrance canopies that had a minimal visual presence while providing the required rain coverage for the escalator entrances at these five stations. We developed three different canopy design concepts and applied them to the five different station entrances. Those concepts include a Branching Structure that blends in with its wooded surroundings, a V-Structure reminiscent of the prototypical Metro canopy, and Glass Structure that dissolves into the landscape.

The Branching Structure Canopy seamlessly integrates into tree-lined landscapes, such as the Smithsonian and Judiciary Square Metro Station entrances. With a dark bronze steel structure and butt-glazed glass roof, it discreetly blends with the surroundings from afar. Its sophisticated design becomes evident upon closer inspection, complementing the historical context of the National Mall and Metrorail system.

The V-Structure Canopy concept, reminiscent of Metrorail and New-Era Station designs, is implemented with a smaller visual impact. Suited for the Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter Metro Station on Pennsylvania Avenue, it features a V-shaped steel structure with filleted corners connecting to the entrance wall. The glass roof, supported by transverse beams, has a minimal presence with butt-glazed edges. Painted gray, the overall form pays homage to US Naval ships, aligning with the theme of the nearby Navy Memorial Plaza.

The Glass Structure Canopy concept, designed for the Arlington Cemetery Metro Station – North/South Entrances and the U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro Station – East Entrance, prioritizes transparency and reflection to blend into its surroundings. At the U Street location, angled vertical glass walls lead to a glass roof, highlighting the Spirit of Freedom Statue. At Arlington Cemetery, identical entrances on Memorial Avenue use vertical and horizontal glass surfaces to reflect the landscape, allowing the canopy to seamlessly integrate with the ceremonial boulevard. This design ensures a focus on the historical features of Memorial Drive and nearby memorials.

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